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Our Team

Karen Brendemihl, the owner/operator of Karen’s Kids Family Childcare, LLC will be handling the day-to-day operations of the center. This primary caregiver and preschool teacher, goes above and beyond the minimal education and experience standards set by the state of Wisconsin Licensing Board.

Karen Brendemihl

Educational Philosophy

Children learn what they see and experience. From infants on they need unlimited opportunities to engage and experiment while having fun doing so!

It’s up to the teachers of the children to be knowledgeable in developmentally appropriate practice in their quality early childhood programs, to recognize diversion in the norms of child growth and development, to be open to new teachings that could benefit the children, to not be biased or culturally in a box in their thinking, to offer rich, respectful environments for these children that are not only DAP but also age, gender, and culturally appropriate. The teacher should know how to correctly guide a child. They shouldn’t expect “good” behavior without first demonstrating a new, proper behavior. They should offer support to the family of the child, to partner with them for the ultimate quality educational experience of the child. The teacher should recognize all efforts in the child’s learning process and encourage them towards the mastery of new skills. Lastly, the teachers should continue learning about children by taking classes and attending conferences and seminars. They should advocate for children and quality childcare programs whenever they can. KKFCC, LLC follows The Wisconsin Model Early Standards and uses The NAFCC endorsed Gee Whiz curriculum and also the Sunny Hollow Press curriculum.